Master John Graham
A Brief Biography
Master Graham was born in Gulfport, MS in the 1950s. Back then Gulfport was a small
town with close ties to fishing and the import of goods such as bananas. When he was
old enough Master Graham began serving in United States Marine Corps. While
stationed in Roda, Spain Master Graham began training in martial arts. When the ship
he was on moved to Charleston he continued his journey in martial arts, and after
reenlisting in the Marines began training in London at the Earlham Street training center
under the iron man of karate Steve Morris. At the same time Master Graham and
several of his fellow servicemen were taking private lessons with Wadoryu Tatsu Susuki
and Anoyda Shotokan karate and kenpo karate. While in England Master Graham
attended a lecture on Wuzuquan given by Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong. During the
remaining 2 years of his tour in England, Master Graham trained in Wuzuquan on the
weekends and trained with Steve Morris and his Kenpo karate teachers during the
week. After leaving England Master Graham went to Okinawa, and while there trained in
Sinjo Gojuryu for a year. After coming back to America Master Graham joined the police
force and began teaching martial arts at the University of South Alabama. Master
Graham began yearly trips to Malaysia to further his education in Wuzuquan from
Grandmaster Chee. Master Graham became a disciple of Grandmaster Chee and was
appointed Instructor of Wuzuquan in the United States of America by Grandmaster
Chee. Master Graham continued to learn from Grandmaster Chee until the death of
Grandmaster Chee. Master Graham still continues to study and practice Wuzuquan and
has made many trips to China and the Phillipines to share knowledge of Wuzuquan.