Todd Doyle is a 4th Degree Black Belt in the Southern
Shaolin Art of Five Ancestors Fist. He is the Chief
Instructor of Tennessee of the Chee Kim Thong USA
Organization and a member of the Senior Board for the
organization. He has 25 years experience in Wuzuquan
and is considered the System Expert in Weapons. He
personally trained with Chee Kim Thong in the 90s, and
attended his 80th Birthday Celebration, as well as the
500 year Chinese celebration of General YouDaiyou in
2003. He was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2000 in
the Organization. He is a close friend of Grandmaster
John Graham and a Disciple under him. He has also
published a motivational book with Grandmaster Graham
titled Lockbox 436 that can be found on Amazon.

You can follow him on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram at
5ancestorfist; on
YouTube at Laoshi Doyle; and on
Facebook at
Doyle’s Elite Martial Arts.
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